Since 1955 Policril is the first and presently the longest standing company in the production and commer-cialisation of cast and extruded acrylic tubes, as well as square and round acrylic rods, which they have always exported all over the world.

Policril tubes are produced in methyl-methacrylate by centrifugation or by extrusion, without any soldering joints. Polymethylmethacrylate is a transparent synthetic resin with the same brilliance and clearness as crystal, but without the same fragility. Tubes produced with centrifugation do not contain plasticizers and have mechanical, thermal, chemical and optical characteristics superior to tubes produced with other processes, for example, by extrusion.

Policril tubes have good cylindrical qualities with acceptable tolerances in both the external diameter and in the thickness of the walls. Policril tubes present clear advantages in respect to those in glass because they have a good impact resistance and in the case of breakage, the tube does not shatter but separates in a number of limited pieces; for this reason, often glass tubes in double the thickness can be substituted with Policril tubes with a weight reduction of approximately 75%. In regard to cast tubes, it is to be taken into consideration that they can be supplied without any quantity limits and in the colour preferred,whilst with extruded tubes (only up to Ø 150mm) the minimum quantity is only 100kg in “opal” and 150 kg for all other colours. For extruded colour tubes superior to Ø 150mm the minimum quantity requested is 1000kg. Eventual specific cut to size lengths attract only a 5% additional charge. All our products are packed in timber crates produced to size in the minimum dimensions of 1200 x 1200 x 2000 or, for smaller quantities, on reinforced timber pallets.

Policril, on request, also produces custom designed pieces in methacrylate.

To improve the quality of our service, not placing any quantity limits on orders, Policril always has at least 3000 transparent pieces of the complete production range available in the warehouse.