There are numerous, but below we highlight a few:

– Elettro-chemical apparatus
– Wine making industry
– Medical apparatus
– Pharmaceutical industry
– Filling apparatus
– Textile industry
– Filter elements
– Dyeing Industry
– Water purifiers
– Precision mechanics
– Galvanising plants
– Printing industry
– Explosion proof lighting
– Liquid levels
– Food industry plants
– Antenna, radio and radar protections
– Paper industry plants
– As tubing for corrosive liquids
– Chemical plants
– Plumbing peak holes
– Curing plants
– Bottling machines


In craftsmanship and shop window articles Policril tubes have encountered a favourable response in the creation of cylindrical containers for groceries and sweets.

Waterproof illumination articles with fluorescent tubes have found great advantages in utilising Policril tubes instead of glass which is much more fragile and sensitive to drastic changes in temperature. The maximum temperature during the use of Policril tubes varies greatly depending on the stress that the material is subject to, but in most cases temperatures even in excess of 85°C have given optimal results, whilst in other cases it is not recommended to exceed 60/65°C; at such a temperature the internal pressure resistance is approx. ¼ of that at 20°C.

Furniture applications: The use of transparent and coloured tubes in the furniture industry and for gift items has proved to be particularly interesting. For example, table bases, lamps, umbrella stands, vases, magazine holders etc

Water purifying: Our Company produces purification columns and water softeners even on customer design, having acquired a high level of specialisation in this field.